Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software
Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software

Project Workspaces

A project workspace is a unique space that is created whenever a new project starts. The workspace provides team members with collaboration tools and services for collaboration on documents and other resources relevant to the project.


Each project workspace is set up to show Project Information, Project Location Map, Project Tasks with Gantt Chart view capabilities, Job Status Report showing financial information from accounting system (optional), Project Contacts, Project Documents of all types, list of Company Equipment currently onsite, list of Rental Equipment currently on site, and Photos taken for project.


A separate tab for information to be displayed on the client site for each project is also included.  Each project has its' own client site where customers, agents, and others can login to view and download information.  Each project has a unigue login for added security.  You may have as many users login to see this information as you wish with no additional cost to you.  Like everything else in InSite360 - it is included in your monthly subscription.


You can add anything else you like to the project workspace by making changes to the Master workspace template or modifying an individual workspace to the needs of the project.