Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software
Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software

Project Management


The Projects Section is the most important operational section of InSite360 and where your company will spend most of its time. The Projects Section pulls information from other sections to give you as much information about each project as possible.


From the Project Manager's Page you can create a project and a Project Workspace, as well as have the system generate the next project number.  The project numbers list can be configured to accommodate most numbering systems.  This example shows Active Projects grouped by Project Manager.  Projects can be grouped, sorted, and filtered in as many ways as you would like with an easy to use interface.


Even before a new project is started, the opportunity to gather valuable information shouldn’t be lost.  Information resulting from the first call on a new project is usually taken on some type of “Intake Form”.  Intake forms make it easier to record information.  With InSIte360 you can create all the same fields you use in your form.  If you use different forms, based on the project type, InSite360 allows you to create as many forms as you need.  Using InSite360 means this information is now available for you to look at in the future; whenever and wherever you are.  InSite360 gives you the ability to gather this information and analyze it in ways that make sense to your operation in easy to use formats.