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Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software


You can use views to see the items in a list or library that are most important to you or that best fit a purpose. For example, you can create views of the list items that apply to a specific department, or items grouped by types or category such as by Project Manager or by Office.


Each list or library has at least one view, based on its type and which settings have been applied. Some lists and libraries have other built-in views, and you can create custom views. For example, a task list has several views, such as just the tasks due today, just the tasks assigned to you, all tasks, and so on.


You can create personal views and public views. A personal view is available only to you when you look at a list or library. A public view is available when anyone looks at a list or library. To create a public view, you must have permission to change the design of the list or library. You can make a public view the default view for a list or library.



Views provide several ways to make your lists and libraries more effective. Here are some ways you can use views:


  • Filter by a set of criteria, such as a department or person's name.
  • Sort in a particular order, for example, to show the files modified most recently.
  • Hide or show columns, for example, to see a more focused view.
  • Group information that is based upon list data, such as grouped by department.
  • Display subtotals of columns, such as the number of contract documents.
  • See a calendar view of a list that has start dates and end dates.
  • View a list in a database program that enables data analysis.
  • See all items at the same level in a flat view without folders.

By creating different views you are able to take large amounts of data and filter, sort, and group it so you can quickly see the information you are looking for.  If you find the information you are looking for and need to, you can print the view to a printer or PDF file directly in your browser.