Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software
Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software

InSite360 Software for the Business of Restoration

Key Capabilities

InSite360 is business software that promotes, enables, and streamlines communications, teamwork and individual efficiency in your business. InSite360 allows you to organize and consolidate all of your company's resources (ideas, information, people, analytical tools and procedures) in a way best suited for completing specific tasks or performing specific business functions. InSite360 is designed to assist companies complete tasks more efficiently.


There has never been a program easier to modify to fit your specific company than InSite360. Once you start using the program, you will find other uses you will want to incorporate to make it your own. You can change the way items are viewed, sorted, and grouped. You can add or remove columns of information based on your company’s specific needs. Most people will find that they can make the changes themselves but for more complicated changes to the system, Top Tier Software Solutions is here to assist you when needed.

  • InSite360 is web-based: Users interact with portals using Microsoft™ Internet Explorer. InSite360 is adaptive:
  • nSite360 can adapt to fit the needs of an organization and an industry.
  • Content Aggregation – InSite360 collects and makes available to people who have permission, information and knowledge across an organization. It provides the knowledge to only the people who need it, when they need it.
  • Business Service Aggregation – InSite360 may utilize existing systems (accounting, project management, HR, etc.) to create an environment that provides all the necessary tools and resources when and where they are needed.
  • Search – users can search for information of interest and drill down to the specific relevant data.
  • Collaboration – InSite360 provides an environment that encourages collaboration on an organizational, department, and
    team level.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – InSite360 interacts with Microsoft™ Windows, identifying the user's information and allowing users to enter their user information once.
  • Workflow – documents and forms can be submitted for approval.
  • Web Content Management – content is easily managed by appropriate users through the web browser interface.
  • Personalization – InSite360 can be personalized for each organization, department, team, or individual to fit the
    specific need of the party.
  • Analytics – InSite360 provides tools for analyzing the information that it stores.

Powerful Results

  • InSite360 Increases Productivity -An internal search engine will enable your employees to find relevant corporate
    documents and information, as well as identify and navigate to customer and industry information from trusted external sources. Employees finding sensitive data is not a worry because search engines have built in security.
  • InSite360 fosters business growth while economizing resources.
  • InSite360 speeds technology integration & adoption.
  • InSite360 Improves Collaboration – InSite360 provides a team website that acts as a central on-line repository for sharing documents, calendars, and tasks, as well as a place to hold discussion forums and post surveys.