Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software
Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software

Equipment Tracking

Company Equipment

InSite360 uses lists to display information about your company’s valued equipment. Lists may be sorted by several criteria including: ID number, name, category, type, current location, or status. The list can also be grouped by equipment category, making comprehension easy. For example, if your company uses equipment to clean up a flood, it could allocate equipment into categories based on cleaning, drying, electrical, pump, or other.

Equipment history tracking allows project managers and employees to keep track of equipment use, equipment numbers or names, projects the equipment is associated with, the superintendent in charge, date, job-site location, status, and any remaining notes associated with the item. This information can help managers to value equipment or decide if a piece of equipment needs to be replaced. Tracking equipment location optimizes the use of company-owned equipment while minimizing the rental of unnecessary equipment.

Rental Equipment

InSite360 provides a useful method of tracking any rental equipment that your company may be using. Using a list detailing current equipment location, rental date, who it was rented from, the rate and other charges that may apply to the rental will assist your company in effectively keeping track of these items.

Mobile Phone Barcode Scanning

InSite360 now offers barcode scanning capability directly from any Android device.  For large projects, wireless barcode scanners are also available.  Scanned information gets uploaded to Insite360 for accurate equipment tracking.