Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software
Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software

InSite360 Restoration Software

InSite360™ is a secure web-based application that brings business intelligence dashboards and integrated project workspaces under a unified. web-based platform.  Using InSite360 will allow you to have a complete view of your operations anywhere and at anytime, freeing you to run your operations faster, more accurately, more efficiently, and with better control. InSite360 is designed to work with your existing software applications to provide an all-inclusive platform for the restoration industry.


This tool empowers field and office personnel to work together collaboratively in areas such as projects, equipment tracking and management, online reporting and the approval processes. Its innovative approach to process standardization and logistical coordination puts the results of everyone's daily efforts all into one place. The result is information that is always available, regardless time or location. Other features include estimate tracking and analysis, project Information access for customers and agents, as well as lead and opportunity management.


This software is highly customizable in order to fit the specific needs of your restoration company. InSite360 allows you to change the way different features are viewed, sorted, and grouped. You can also either add or remove columns of information depending on your needs.


"Once you start using the program, you will find other uses you will want to incorporate to make it your own," said Michael Gallahan, President of Top Tier Software Solutions.  The software is simple enough that many companies will be able to make these changes themselves. For more complicated changes to the system, Top Tier Software Solutions representatives are available to assist you when needed.