Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software
Top Tier Software Solutions LLC makers of InSite360 Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my information Stored?

Top Tier Software Solutions, LLC leases space in one of the most secure datacenters in the United States operated by Equinix.  Located in Ashburn, VA, it is home to the first Internet Business Exchange data center opened by Equinix, the DC1 IBX. Equinix's DC-metro area IBX data center represents one of the largest Internet exchange points in the world. Go to for more information.

How Do I Know my information is kept confidential?

Your information is stored separately and isolated from other data.  Our License Agreement insures you that any of our staff with access to your data is covered under a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement.  As policy, Top Tier Software Solutions never gives out the names of our clients unless we been given specific permission and will only allow access to your site when we are directed to do so by a corporate officer. To allow executive permissions to your site for any of your staff members, Top Tier Software Solutions must have permission from a corporate executive.  InSite360 Administrators can not request this access.

How long does the contract make me commit to when I sign up for InSite360?

InSite360 has NO long term committment. If you decide not to use the program for any reason you are only obligated to pay us through the last month of use. If you decide within 120 days that InSite360 is not for you, we will refund all your monthly hosting fees.  Setup and integration fees are non-refundable.


Top Tier Software Solutions believes that buying software is only the first part of a long relationship.  We don't want you to pay for software you can't use. Purchasing software is stressful enough without having to make a long term committment before you have a chance to see if it works for you. Top Tier Software Solutions takes responsibility in your purchase by not only giving you a low entry point but a no obligation quarantee.

Can I use InSite360 on a tablet or other devices?

InSite360 will run on any device with a web browser. You can also set views specifically for mobile devices. Results can vary depending on what browser you use but most differences are minor.  InSite360 also has mobile applications specifically built for iPhones, iPads, and Adroid devices that give the user much more flexibility when on one of these devices.

Can I install InSite360 on our servers instead of paying monthly hosting fees?

Yes.  You may purchase perpetual licenses for InSite360 and have the program installed on your own servers however the cost of doing so can be very expensive. InSite360 requires a high degree of infrastructure with at least two dedicated servers as well as other network considerations. If your server infrastructure meets the requirement, it could be a good option for you to consider. All in-house server installations require certification from our engineering department prior to purchase.

Will you give us references we can talk to that use both types of installations?

References will be provided on request. The references consist of companies that have done hosted and in-house installations.

What features are standard and what features are optional?

InSite360 comes complete as described in all literature, documents, and this website.  There are no optional add-ons.  All features listed on this website are included with the following exceptions: Mobile Apps are third party applications and are purchased through app stores for a one time fee. The Barcode scanning application is sold separately through a third party vendor.  Companies wishing to have custom changes made to the program are billed for those changes separately as a one-time fee.

Are hosting fees based on concurrent users or per named users?

InSite360 is based on per named user licensing. Generic names or name sharing is not allowed. InSite360 keeps track of created by credentials and last modified credentials when each record is added, changed, or deleted and as such, users need to have their own individual logins. Login credentials are not to be shared and failure to comply will result in a significant penalty.  If you are not a customer and wish further information, please ask to see our license agreement.

I have multiple offices or companies that will have some of the same users. Do I have to pay for them in each?

InSite360 handles multiple locations or companies as long as they are combined under the same licensed site.  No additional charges are appliced if you have multiple companies and/or locations under the same licensed site. Combined sites have a single URL or Website address.


Sites that require integration to multiple accounting databases will incur an intergration fee for each accounting database.


If you have two or more companies that are going to be licensed under multiple sites, each company will be required to pay a separate setup fee for each site required.  Corporate executives that have ownership in each site are not required to have separate licenses.  All other staff will need a license for each separate site.  Multiple sites have separate sites for each separate company.